How many people has Tzuk protected from how many problems?

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How many people has Tzuk protected from how many problems?

Post by Lode » Fri Nov 20, 2009 2:13 pm

I cannot even imagine how many people Tzuk has saved from having disasters on their PC's.

So much malware that thanks to him became harmless for so many. Preventing so many nerve wrecking heartaches.

Two times I even had a cracker on my laptop. My green disk light was burning solid for no apparent reason, laptop rattling like crazy. I moved the arrow to the right top of my screen to get away from that site, and not quite reaching the red button yet, I lifted my finger off the touch pad for a fraction of a second to make the arrow reach it with a second slide, and before I had my finger back on the pad, immediately the arrow shot away from it. I couldn't believe my eyes!
I repeated the movement, and the arrow shot away again as soon as my finger was off the touch pad. We were fighting over the control of my laptop!

I realized all this was taking place while sandboxed, so I relaxed and watched the frenzied activity for 5 minutes. Then I decided to give the visitor a surprise, and was able to quickly click End all programs, and gone was the site and the cracker. I loved it! :D

A short while later the same thing happened, only this time End all programs did not work (clever cracker!). So I simply kept the hardware Off button pressed until the laptop turned off. Same effect; nothing left after reboot.

Thank you Tzuk, for saving so many of us from so many s..t loads of problems!

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