Strange glitch Sandboxie 3.40

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Strange glitch Sandboxie 3.40

Post by paddyt » Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:39 pm

I experienced a strange glitch today in Sandboxie 3.40 which I have had variations of in some previous versions
my setup is that I run Internet Explorer and Opera as forced folders in the same named sandbox but other than that nothing unusual configuration wise; Operating system Windows 2000.
With non of the browsers running sandboxed I opened Windows Explorer (file manager) to open some Blowfish encrypted files by cntr + A and right click to select files (right click app is Blowfish Advanced CS 3.02.001).
This should open Blowfish and allow decrytion of the files but instead I got an error (something about Internet Explorer having to close) and Blowfish didn't open.
I should mention that the files are randomised names by Blowfish and do not carry a file extension (they are just random letters and extension is just "file" in Explorer
I noticed that Sandboxie had red dots in the tray icon but went to yellow after everything had closed. I decided to empty my sandbox (which shouldn't have had anything in it anyway) and that resulted in all my icons in Windows Explorer disappearing.
I re-booted and after automatic chkdsk (which didn't find anything) my pc re-booted normally and icons had returned.
I then went back to do the same right click Windows Explorer/Blowfish operation again and this time there were no problems and sandboxie didn't "claim" anything and I was able to decrypt the files as normal.

I've noticed previously that Sandboxie (on occasion) will "claim" a file or files and try to run it/them sandboxed when the files do not have an ownership for the extension at that point.
This has happened in the past to files such as video and others where I maybe no longer have the app on the pc.

no big deal on this occasion but I thought it worth mentioning.

thanks for great app :)

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