Interesting use of Sandboxie - with Teamviewer

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Interesting use of Sandboxie - with Teamviewer

Post by majokey » Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:58 am

Hi everyone,

Are you a bit scared when you have to give control of your computer to someone?

I needed help establishing IPSEC VPN connection between some offices and ended up with telling the router support "here, you try it if you think it works".

So I started Teamviewer in a sandbox. And the browser in which they were to work in the same sandbox.

That way, they could work in that particular browser instance, but could not click outside the sandbox. Sure, they could *see* outside the sandbox, but not click. Plus, they needed to upload a config file - again, no worries because that too happened inside that sandbox.

That was a year ago, and I have since taught the company owners, both well into their 70s to ALWAYS start Teamviewer in Sandboxie. And a few weeks ago, one of them got hit by a "support" scammer who installed ransomware on his home computer. You know, black screen that can't be closed, red notice about how many Bitcoins to pay. Well, I just hit "Terminate all programs" in Sandboxie and it was gone. And yes, he told me to buy Sandboxie for his entire family.

Just thought I would share this. It's maybe an unexpected use case to use it with a remote-control program, but I find it very useful.

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