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1st Class Product and Support

Post by adrianvincent » Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:38 pm

I finally got fed up with Microsoft's stream of security updates for Windows 7, so I upgraded to Windows 10 only to find it was worse, so I decided I wanted an alternative on-line security solution.

After some research, the solution I settled on was a clean install of Windows 7 SP1 (with all updates disabled), a 3rd party Antivirus and then, for belt and braces, Sandboxie to run all my internet access programs (Browser and Email).

It works a dream. I'd forgotten how fast and slick a clean install of Windows 7 SP1 is (cold boots in 15 secs), the User interface is also so much better (more consistent) than Windows 10. Sandboxie was easy to install and setup. I believe that Sandboxie, in combination with a good AV, will give me a sensible level of protection against online threats without relying on a never-ending stream of Microsoft bug fixes and security updates which bloat my PC and slow it down. It's so nice to be able shut down/reboot the PC and know that it isn't going to install MS Updates that sometimes produce more problems than they fix. I'm looking forward to a more stable computing environment.

I was also very impressed with the expert support provided via the forum which very quickly resolved the questions I had.


Sandboxie Support
Sandboxie Support
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Re: 1st Class Product and Support

Post by Craig@Invincea » Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:14 pm

You're very welcome!!

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