Cancel button for non-registered users (at startup)

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Cancel button for non-registered users (at startup)

Post by Lockman789 » Thu Sep 10, 2015 3:48 am

For people using Sandboxie un-registered, there is a countdown timer.
I accidentally click my sandboxie shortcut sometimes and have to wait for the timer countdown, then let it load the sandboxed browser, before I can close it.

My feature request is to have a way to cancel/close during or after the countdown, so that the sandboxed browser isn't loaded.

I understand that a user accidentally aborting sandboxie, would be more of an issue, so the solution would have to make it as impossible as can be, to also prevent that.

I know I could make a simple launcher program that would have an additional run and cancel button, which if i clicked "Run" it would then be equivalent to clicking the normal shortcut.

This isn't really a huge deal, and I can't think of an aesthetically pleasing solution that would also prevent accidental aborting. However, sometimes programmers instantly know perfect solutions and if that is the situation, it would be a nice addition. If not, please don't spend hundreds of dollars in development just for my silly request, just for my sake.

My biggest request, is to keep updating Sandboxie so that it remains working and when I run across a problem, such as crashing, to continue to be able to come to this forum and already have available a newer downloadable beta that fixes the problem.

Keep up the great work.

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