Use SBIE to increase Mastery/Understanding/Fun! of your OS

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Use SBIE to increase Mastery/Understanding/Fun! of your OS

Post by Unknown_User_967 » Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:59 pm

Analogy > If SBIE is a world-class, hi-speed motor vehicle (& it IS),
then I'm currently tooling around the parking lot with it ...
but I do have a little whiff of where it's gonna take me when I REALLY learn to drive it !

It was obvious to me before using SBIE about the benfits to trial-install progs, etc.,
but I didn't count on the invaluable schooling I would get about Operating System structure/function :D

Installing MS_Word in a fresh box today, I get to see every_THING the install does,
as well as every_WHERE it does it - 'cause there's no one or no-thing else in there
to sort out, push aside, or click around.

Now I can follow along and begin to understand what the various %system%\Common Files are about,
as well as all the other crap that's installed under
%user%\Application Data\ & %user%\Local Settings\Application Data.

And so I can trim 50+ MB out of the install just by cleaning up temp files left behind,
as well as stuff I just plain don't need/don't want.

So what? Well, it makes the system load faster, run faster,
and results in a smaller partition with which to create/re-install a backup image (3-5 minutes for 3-4 GB).

Plus, how much faster/less hassle is this than a VM ?

Thanks again & again - my $$ are on their way.


and 1 hour later, now I'm a happy card-carrying member/supporter-customer :D


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