Firefox not starting in Sandboxie

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Firefox not starting in Sandboxie

Post by DdB » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:49 pm

Sandboxie 3.62 (64) on Win7 (64) (inside Virtualbox - yes, the Oracle Version 4.1.8)

Firefox runs fine without SB, but when it starts sandboxed. i get a message (translation approx.) "Firefox already running and not responding. End the process first or reboot."
neither step solves the problem (no process involved).

My guess/hint: The FFox-profile folder is outside the VM (shared Folder, thus networked) and resides on a ZFS volume. The latter had been working before (VM + shared Folder + FFox (9) + ZFS [zfsonlinux and Ubuntu Oneiric host]) until ?maybe? TabMixPlus got involved. So i deactivated their prompt at startup of FFox, but same behavior still.

I dont know how to do enhanced diagnosis nor which advanced setting to tweak to get it all running again. So help is greatly appreciated.
For ppl who wonder: My real windows machine has gone down (hardware) so the VM is my way to keep in touch with the Windows proggies

Furthermore, i'll leave for surgery so be patient with my next involvement.

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Post by tzuk » Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:58 am

Maybe you do have a copy of Firefox.exe lingering outside the sandbox. Use the Windows Task Manager to check for if the process firefox.exe is running. I hope your surgery goes well.

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Post by Guest10 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:52 pm

When Firefox is NOT running, make sure there is no file "parent.lock" in the profile folder.
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Post by DdB » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:20 pm

Thanks for answering.
unfortunately, neither is there any firefox process running, as the problem also happens immediately after reboot. Task manager doesnt see a process either.

So i was hoping to find a parent.lock file, but there isnt one, when i try to start FFox thru sandboxie. :-(

As soon as my health energy is back, i'll have some more digging to do, since a couple of days ago this configuration ran fine. And - as far as i can tell - the main change has been: configuring some addons into FFox, and AFTER THAT to try having it added to the forced programs. The latter cannot be the cause, as the error message also appears when i start it manually (inside an empty Sandboxie).

At least my TabMixPlus related theory was bogus, since deactivating that plugin did NOT resolve the problem either.

Any additional ideas/hints?

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Additional Observation

Post by DdB » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:59 pm

I just reallised, that FFox is still 32-bit. Donno if that makes it so weird. Because i cannot seem to find a way to work around the problem. Up till now, the problem reproduces itself stubbornly. :-(

From my memory: before consolidating the current state of the VM i also allowed Adobe to update its Reader, even though i suspect something strange going on behind the scenes (too frequent updates, always asking for Administrator priviledge, always recreating desktop and other unwanted shortcuts... non transparent behavior to say the least).

But by tradidtion, i should consider it more likely to have been messing up my config myself. Only i do not have the slightest idea, what might have happened. Only thing certain is: All looks fine, until i start a webbrowser sandboxed. Then the error message mentionned earlier appears and - end of fun.

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Post by Brummelchen » Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:55 pm

i would say that your VM is causing that. maybe in conjuction with sandboxie.
i dont get the point why you use sandboxie and/in a vm - double trouble programmed

/me actually active on Win7/64 with Firefox 901/32 - no issues.
same config + sandboxie - no issues - i can also start 2 firefox - one outside, one inside.
no exception rule for any software to write back in system.

btw you should NOT use a profile for several OS - there are known conflicts.
same for windows here, i cannot use same profile for xp and win7.

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Post by DdB » Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:17 pm

you would say...maybe...

i understand: it is not obvious, why i use my PC the way i do. Yet i licenced Win7 AND Sandboxie and i chose to work like this. (although i have been forced a little bit early into this planned configuration, because my Windows machine died from a hardware issue.)

It doesnt seem likely to me that the VM is involved, because the setup had been running a couple of days before with success (same VM, same FFox profile). Unfortunately, i didnt create a backup at the time, since i wasnt done with importing personal data.

Good to know, that the 32-bit FFox shouldnt be a problem. I do NOT start FFox in- and outside sandboxie simultaneously. Although i am reading with curiosity, this may be possible...

And the FFox-profile is solely dedicated to that VM, never used anywhere else. It resides outside only for convenience/Backup purposes. The host OS is Ubuntu, where i never use FFox (up till now at least).

So: What kind of USEFUL information could i provide to approach the cause of the message/failure?

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reduced priority

Post by DdB » Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:27 am


in the meantime, i couldnt keep my hands off this troublesome problem. Although my skills aren't advanced enough to track the problem down, i was able to exclude a few of my assumptions by reverting (through the use of ZFS) all the relevant files to an earlier state (snapshot). By doing this, i was lucky to find a working setup and can now proceed from there.

What i can confirm - as of now - is: The Adobe upgrade did NOT mess up the working state. Neither did the Firefox upgrade from 7.0.1 via 8.0.1 to 9 (performed outside sandboxie) stop the latter from working properly afterwards.

Leaves me a little clueless as to what might have happened, and i may eventually run into the problem again. But since i am warned, i can always snapshot more frequently to see, when and how the problem gets introduced.

At least i can use my "high-level-workaround" even without knowing, what the actual problem cause has been. And to revert to the earlier state lost a maximum of 2 days of work - most likely less.

And, BTW: those enhanced configuration options, together with increased data security had been a major reason for me to "go virtual" in the first place. Windows does not offer anything even remotely close to ZFS. :-(

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reached end-of-rope

Post by DdB » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:34 pm

I'm done ;-(

I can recreate the problem now, but not solve it, nor work around - all because my understaning of networking issues is pretty limited:

Just as mentionned in my introductory post, the FFox profile folder resides outside the VM/Win7-guest, but on the Ubuntu host. So far so good. While fiddling around with setting up the FF-config, i created local profiles too (pointing to the virtual HD of the guest).

When i use FFox --profilemanager, and select the networked profile, all is well. Doing the same from the sandboxed browser will spit the error message. Using a "local" profile works fine, but that is not what i want. Using regular networking (setting up samba and so forth) resulted in Windows-Explorer crashing. So it is very likely, that it basically comes down to a network issue between Ubuntu (host) and Win7 VM. From a 3rd machine, i could inspect the proper setup of the network. So not a configuration issue...

And since Win7 itself suffers and shows weird effects (not listed here), i cannot blame Sandboxie alone, even though at first glance, it looked very much like Sandboxie would just not deal correctly with file locking on the networked folder. Instead, the networking solution inside the virtual machine (i am already using bridged networking driver) comes short to some extent.

I am done, nothing left to do from my restricted point-of-view snd linited understanding. Except to hope for improvements from ... Oracle? maybe?

Or, if one of you guys comes up with an idea, please let me know...
so long, DdB

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