Show the World Your Stuff!!! Sandboxie Videos Wanted!

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Show the World Your Stuff!!! Sandboxie Videos Wanted!

Post by steve@invincea » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:18 pm

Hi All!

My name is Steve - I work for Invincea and now as an Evangelist for Sandboxie! It is my mission to show the world just how powerful this tool is that all of us have to come love. We recently posted a video showing Sandboxie in action against Cryptolocker - you can see it on the home page as well as here -

We also posted a list of malware families that we know Sandboxie stands up to...but we want YOUR voice in the mix!

The Sandboxie community is large and it is full of amazingly talented people. We want you to help us show the world exactly what we've got here!

Are we missing malware variants in our list? Let us know!
Are you ready to show your own videos of Sandboxie at work? We want to see them!

From now until March 4, 2014, we want you to send us your videos of Sandboxie in action. We will post many of these to the Sandboxie YouTube channel (subscribe here - ... Byy_cpsK4g ) and a select few will make their way to the home page with credit given to the creators.

Please send your submissions to

Follow the new official Sandboxie handle on Twitter - @thesandboxie - as we'll be Tweeting about things we post throughout this timeframe. Also, please feel free to follow @invincea on Twitter as well as follow our LinkedIn page if you are on that site.

I look forward to working with this community - very, very excited to get moving together to show the world how powerful Sandboxie really is!



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