Upgrading Firefox versions safely, and recovering Tabs

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Upgrading Firefox versions safely, and recovering Tabs

Post by RonC » Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:38 am

As tzuk has noted a number of times, letting Firefox update while sandboxed won't work. You have to disable Sandboxie's program-forcing feature, first.

I was postponing updating the browser, because whenever I thought of it, I always had a number of tabs open for sites of current interest. When you disable forcing, your 'naked' browser now opens all these tabs. Anyone used to using Sandboxie gets a strange feeling when doing this, automatically exposing MS Windows to a large number sites, without control and without protection.

There are Firefox StartUp options that can cancel this behavior, but I don't know if this would also result in the loss of the tab locations. Perhaps this could be researched by someone, and details on how to do this safely added to the section for how upgrade Firefox on a system running Sandboxie.

In the meantime, I have discovered a Firefox extension that allows backup of all open tabs to a file: UnMHT. Before I upgraded Firefox, I backed up the tabs to an external file, using this utility. I then worked with the StartUp options to make sure the unsandboxed Firefox would open to a blank screen, then to Help -> About Firefox -> Check for Updates, and downloaded, without going elsewhere on the Internet.

Maybe someone who's done this before could now reset the StartUp options to get back the tabs, but I didn't -- I lost them all. But, not to worry. I just did a File -> Open File ... -> went to the UnMHT file, and reloaded the saved tabs.

Anyone have a better solution, or a sure-fire way of manipulating the StartUp options to disable, then re-enable loading a set of tabs, without losing them?
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