A hearty thanks to Sandboxie Support for a job well done

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A hearty thanks to Sandboxie Support for a job well done

Post by LoneGroover » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:12 am

Rather than go into excrutiating detail regarding the particulars of the issue I had, suffice it to say that ove the weekend of 03/03/18 I had difficulties with my Sandboxie licensing. I should at this point state that I have used Sandboxie successfully and without problem since I purchased it on 2010. Anyway to cut a long story short, whilst some support groups in various nameless comapanies these days seem to take perverse pleasure in stating the obvious, playing dumb and generally making the customer's life a misery, this was most assuredly NOT the case with the Sandboxie Team.

I was contacted via email on Monday 03/05/18 when the Support Team came online to which I replied providing personal details together with my proof of purchase. Within the space of a couple of hours, my licensing issue had been completely resolved, and in addition to this expeditious resolution, I received an extremely informative email outlining the naature of my difficulties, their cause, and the resolution which had already been enacted.

All I can say is "BRAVO" .. if more companies were as prompt in their responses, as understanding in their approach and as pragmatic in their actions, the world of tech would be an infinitely happier place!

Well done Sandboxie Support .. thanks to you for your hard graft and thanks to the Devs whoo continue to churn out updates and improvements for an already stellar product! A job well done!

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