Closed Sandboxie while webpages still opened, yellow border lost

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Closed Sandboxie while webpages still opened, yellow border lost

Post by iDRED » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:24 pm

I had these really bad pop ups that I was not able to close. One of those pop ups that told me to call Microsoft and something was wrong with my computer.

Since I could not close them out I went in and manually terminated sandboxie program trying to shut down everything so I did not have to reboot. I was still not able to close the pop ups.

I then terminated the sandboxie program manually. I noticed after terminating sandboxie that the pop ups lost their yellow border and were still there. Does this mean those pop ups are not being kept away from my PC by sandboxie anymore and could have access to my system since the yellow border was missing?


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Re: Closed Sandboxie while webpages still opened, yellow border lost

Post by Barb@Invincea » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:10 am

Hello iDRED,

I am assuming you closed Sandboxie Control via task bar? Your browser was probably still Sandboxed. I am not 100% sure what steps did you follow, that's why I said "probably".

You can test the behavior by following these steps:
Open a browser Sandboxed
Open Task manager, and check that the "User" listed for that browser is "AnonymousLogon" (Sandboxie user).
Close Sandboxie Control.
Confirm that the browser is still running under AnonymousLogon (Sandboxed).
Download something via that browser, like a Webpage, you'll see the Sandbox indicator and the files will not hit your host.
Click on "Open Folder" next to your download --> Notice the Sandbox indicator , and notice an instance of explorer.exe started as "AnonymousLogon" .
Relaunch Sandboxie control and find the applications are running under a Sandbox.

You should still run an Antivirus scan, just to be sure.


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