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Customizable Border width

Post by Syrinx » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:22 pm

I know this has been brought up before but I thought I'd mention it again because, well, I hate the normal border width of sandboxed programs [but I do like having a border for certain programs]. Being able to select a color is great but I just can't stand the 6 pixel border. [guess I should just add it to my other {pretty much pointless} gui/icon hatreds?] I've done a bit of playing and found that my ideal border width is 3/2 but I also find 4 acceptable (tbh for some reason I couldn't really see a difference on odd number(s)). 6 is just horrible (to me) and anything less was hard to see on any resolution above 1024x768. Either way with the current set up I can't imagine making this a user defined option would be difficult.

That being said, it's not on my priority list nor should it get on yours but if/when you concern yourselves with the GUI please consider adding an option to let the user select the border width along with the currently available option to set a color in each box. :D

For now it seems to be using a 'static' number
32bit [XP] - No ASLR
00409A1F mov [dword ss:ebp-18],6

64bit Hex location
of 6 with some type of fallback to 4, though what sets that off, I can't say. As a test run in a VM I changed it a few times and found I like a width of 3, where it is easily visible (but ignorable) yet not annoying/distracting like the current width.

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