Finally bought it

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Finally bought it

Post by UberFoX » Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:10 am

So I hate buying programs I won't lie I much prefer to buy pizzas and what not.

However I have been using SandBoxie for years and considered buying it many times (I even made a topic asking about buying it a few years back but decided not to because of *online activation* scared me off) but I always put it off since it crossed the line for me (I don't buy programs remember I prefer to buy pizzas!) so today I decided to bite the bullet and see what would happen.....

As it turns out the process was very simple and took only 30 seconds (I was kinda worried that it was asking for delivery address since I wanted immediate activation) and now I can use finally start placing all my apps into unique SandBoxie instead of having one *mega* sandbox for everything.

The activation was immediate (within 15 seconds of paying).

Overall SandBoxie is an epic program that deserves buying I am naturally hesitant about buying apps but SandBoxie was worth it and I recommend others do the same!.

(As a side note I only bought it since they returned Life time licenses! About time!)

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