Fantastic Malware Protection

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Fantastic Malware Protection

Post by Sonic Gal » Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:20 pm

Of late, my computers have been the subject to numerous malware attacks, primarily from visiting websites that contain Exploits/Drive-by-downloads. Since most free and paid anti-virus software cannot detect these threats, I needed a more proactive security program to protect my PC's. After watching a video review by Matt from, I showed immediate interest in this software. I performed tests on this product myself and was thoroughly impressed with the results. Sandboxie is currently installed on ALL of my computers, providing powerful protection from most, if not all, sorts of malware floating around the internet. My PC's have yet to be infected since the installation of this program. Indeed, HIPS/Sandbox technology is the future of malware prevention.

Because this program is for intermediate computers users, you will need to take the time to understand how the program works. Unlike traditional anti-virus software, you can't just install this application and leave it alone. You need to configure Sandboxie in order for it to function at it's full potential. A small price to pay for premium protection in my opinion.

In addition, after using Sandboxie free for 30-days, reminders to upgrade will be displayed. However, Sandboxie is still functional after this period of time. It only takes seconds to click away, thus enduring these messages is not a problem considering the protection this software provides. However, if you like the application, I recommend buying the full version, which includes additional features such as Forced Programs/Folders.

Overall, Sandboxie is an amazing product that provides nearly perfect protection against malware. Newer versions are constantly being released and fixing any bugs that are found.

Keep up the great work, guys!

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