Sandboxie's potential

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Sandboxie's potential

Post by styleet » Fri May 21, 2010 2:01 pm

Software should be abundant in it's arsenal of functionality and it's efficiency, at the same time though it has to be very rational in its size and hardware requirements, this is a battlecry to 95% of all the junk that's out there.

However Sandboxie is taking place among the best of the 5% that make up true art of software.

I'm a performance enthusiast, customized and hacked my WinXP Pro SP2 to it's limits. (7sec boot time total - with the special instantboot-feature, isolated from most additional software)

This only became possible with the excessive use of Sandboxie, leaving the operating system's registry and partition up to 98% untouched by any means, keeping it extremely fast anytime.

My dream is to reach the 100% completely isolated XP, which will never decrease in speed. This will require the heavy drivers to be loaded via Sandboxes on-the-fly under windows, especially those nasty heavy drivers from nVidia and Creative.

Being able to load them on-demand would be totally insane, making a system possible so fast the world has hardly ever come to know it!

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