Congratulations, Tzuk!

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Congratulations, Tzuk!

Post by Lode » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:06 am

Someone on the Online Armour forum helped me by giving the link to the thread here dealing with the trouble those new Windows updates caused for Sandboxie. I responded with a "Thank you. I am sure Tzuk will find a solution to it soon, if he hasn't already."

And now I see I was not exaggerating. I just clicked on that link Tzuk gave for a new updated version, and it looks fine on my machine, all my original settings intact.

Until just a few moments ago I kept the problem a bay by doing a system restore and refusing Windows to download/install new updates without my permission.
But now I can click on that little yellow shield on my task bar and let it do its thing without being nasty to Sandboxie.

Thank you for the fast help, Tzuk!

This was funny: I let Windows download/install those updates, let it reboot, and then when I hit my Opera browser, a Sandboxie error message appeared again. I thought "Oh, oh, there we go again. Back to Tzuk's forum. Let me try Outlook Express first though." That worked fine. I hit Opera again just to double check: no problem this time. Then Firefox. Perfect. Last IE6, also as good as always.

So I say it again: Thank you Tzuk!

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