Wish I'd found this years ago...

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Wish I'd found this years ago...

Post by KOS-MOS » Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:40 am

This program should be considered for anyone who wants to secure their PC in a BIG way from the current drive by installs of trojans, malware, and other nasties often installed through vulnerabilities in browsers, or their plugins and add ons, (especially Flash, Acrobat Reader, Java, among others). These days even a skilled tech can be bitten by these, and no OS or browser combination insures your safety anymore. Enter Sandboxie to the rescue. Sure, ya might still get your browser infected, but with one press of a button, you can uninfect your browser by deleting the sandbox. Couldn't be simpler, it's easy to use, and...well, by golly, it's even FUN...(well, the tech in me finds it fun, your mileage may vary).

I think the creator of this gem should be given the first Nobel for Internet Security and Peace of Mind.
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