Sandboxie is more than good software

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Sandboxie is more than good software

Post by Saint Satin Stain » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:48 pm

Sandboxie is more than just a good security program; one that is effective and easy to use. It is also the embodiment of the ideal that software should be and can be compatible with other applications. It is not only that this is achieved, but more important, it is the ideal, intent, and accomplishment so many times of the author.

I have never met Mr. Tzur, don't really know him except through his creation, Sandboxie. I began with the free version, actually felt that was sufficient, and that it is may be the greatest tribute to the man. I know that it is also an advertisement for the full version, but in a sense it competes with the full version it's such an effective protection.

That is why I bought the full version.

I assumed that the full is better, yet hardly imagined it could be since the free is effective. Yet the paid version is better, but the free is no crippled version.

I get sentimental about software I choose. I choose the software and the company that makes it for empirical and aesthetic reasons.

Sandboxie is a good poem.
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