Sandboxie 3.44 Shadow Defender great together

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Sandboxie 3.44 Shadow Defender great together

Post by paddyt » Thu Jan 28, 2010 5:08 am

Sandboxie 3.43.44 (dual install) Shadow Defender (32 bit)

I run 2 pcs
1) Intel Celeron (Coppermine) 891.62 MHz with 512 ram
2) AMD Athlon 1800+ with 1024 ram

Windows 2000 (Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4)
some apps

Internet Explorer 6
Opera 9.25 (by preference, don't like newer ones)
Firefox Portable

instant messenger AIM

some of my apps

Shadow Defender , Sandboxie 3.44 , Keyscrambler Premium, Avast 4.8 Pro antivirus, Admuncher 4.8, Malwarebytes 1.44, WinPatrol Plus 17.0.2010.0 , Sygate PF Pro 5.5 , BootIt NG on cd for drive work. Acronis MigrateEasy 6.0 to keep a copy of my drive

I've tried 50 upwards versions of Sandboxie and many versions of Shadow Defender
with only a few reportable problems
but the current versions Sandboxie 3.44 and Shadow Defender are running noticeably well together, on the faster pc very "crisp" "responsive" and "precise"
I am not a programmer or expert and cannot give an explicit analysis or breakdown but the "feel" and "function" of this combination is great

I have all my browsers (forced folders) in one single named Sandbox
and AIM messenger just as a forced file in the same Sandbox
all my browsers (sandboxed or otherwise) run Keyscrambler Premium

no special settings

I don't run Sandboxie in Shadow Defender all the time

I have great number of bookmarks in Opera which (I think) make it open (sandboxed) slighly more slowly than the other browsers.

The faster of the two pcs (sandboxed) IE opens in 1 second and Opera 2 seconds or so Firefox 1 second
The slower comp takes longer to load Opera but I expect that with less ram and a less powerful cpu

With trialling "beta" software I'm always afraid that I may in "upgrading" lose some aspect that is good
but I'm really liking this particular combination (both good versions for me and my "usage" anyway).


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