Sandboxie; <3 at first sight

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Sandboxie; <3 at first sight

Post by RSecure » Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:42 am

I have been using Sandboxie since 2007 when I first came across gizmo's site, and I appreciate using this great program every single day. O how I wish that I would have come across it sooner...I had been missing out on one of the greatest security innovations of all time. So small yet so powerful! - its a miracle, a one all solution for malware of all forms and for trash residual files that slows down PCs to a halt. I could have never imagined that such A-Grade security software existed till you made it possible. Mr. Ronen, you are one talented developer, a great sorcerer in the security world. Sandboxie is an excellent alternative to VM's, with its way less overhead and with its phenomenal ease of use and transfering of files from the virtual to the real OS. Its by far my number one choice. Now I could use my windows OS confidently, knowing it well be preserved and pristine, instead of going through the hassle of using a linux VM that doesnt really work with most programs I use.

One thing that I admire in you the most, is your integrity. You were not willing to sellout like all the big companies did, and you refused to make a scarecrow version for 64bit. I have been a very frequent visitor to the forum since installing Sandboxie, its like one great, bustling online community; experienced volunteers always willing to help out and anwser your questions. Mr. Ronen, your dedication, patience and politeness are unparalleled.
After seeing how great Sandboxie was, I uninstalled a half dozen security realtime scanners and the performance gain was immediate. I recommended it to all my relatives and friends. I would suggest that we have a Sandboxie appreciation day on the forum, preferably the day of the month that it was first released :)

While I'm at it I wrote a poem of appreciation:

Sandboxie, Sandboxie
Tailored for my every need
Bulletproof security, combined with speed

Sandboxie, Sandboxie
You're worth more, than gold to me
So petite, nifty and neat

Thank You Ronen, thank you indeed :lol:

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