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Post by GUEST » Tue Jun 20, 2006 3:28 pm

I installed 2.42 and the settings seem not to vanish any more (to be precise: sandboxie obviously *regrouped* them and relocates them now in the .ini file).

Ronan, let me say how great I learn this program is every day I love it more. Just a few moments ago I got a spam mail and because I've been distracted by my surroundings I accidentally clicked on a link that opened IE and loaded a PDF. My first shock disappeared immediately because the "force" made this run boxed. Doesn't matter that actually it didn't do any harm, even if it would have wanted to it would not have been able to.

This is by far the greatest improvement for Windows Operating Systems I have encountered. You made a Back-Switcher (have had linux a long time then run a Mac the last years and needed to switch back for several reasons) very happy - thank you!

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