Why did i not find this earlyer...

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Why did i not find this earlyer...

Post by Oldarney » Sat Nov 01, 2008 2:57 pm

ok maybe i had found this over a year ago but i just looked over it. until recently i needed to install the full quicktime because of some super speciall .mov files that did not play well on anything including zoomplayer and vlc. i installed quicktime and then iTunes, then i was able to view my videos without problems and experience iTunes with 0 impact on system performance. this is since itunes runs around 5 processes/services that are alwoys on. on sandboxie i was able to configure it to kill these processes when i was done.

its alos the best tool for privacy out there. think of this, you need to look for a birthday present for your kids on the only comp on the house:
run a browser on sandboxie
use a shredder to delete the sand box when your finish.

no matter how awesome your kids may be in computers the wont find a trace of your activity. this goes for FBI and DEA also.

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