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Post by dagi » Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:49 am

Few days ago i ran an installation program from a dubious place /torrent/ without using Sandboxie. I do normally run things like keygens or small apps in sandboxie, but this file was large and had an nullsoft install icon, so i had no suspicion. Although it was 43MB in size it contained only the spyware called Antivirus 2009 which has pretty much messed up the computer. After I cleaned the spyware i was not able to run the computer in normal mode anymore and had to reinstall the windows (xp). I tried to run the spyware thing on another machine again, but sandboxed in a virtualbox machine and found out that if i had ran it in sandboxie, i would get no damage. It started, added some register keys into the hive file, put few exe files into sandboxed windows directory, remained resident but nothing happened /no popups, no functional changes like removal of the start menu 0etc/. I just deleted the files afterwards. If i would do it this way, it would spare me several hours of cleaning and windows reinstall.

I do use the program also in several other ways which i am not going to mention now.

With the lifetime license is the money i spent on the program a good investment imho.

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