Gizmo Richards - June 19, 2008 Newsletter

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Gizmo Richards - June 19, 2008 Newsletter

Post by mizzmona » Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:38 am

Gizmo Richards' Support Alert Newsletter
Issue 158, 19th June, 2008

So many subscribers have asked me this question that I figure it's time to answer it publicly:

"Gizmo, could you tell me what security products you use to protect your computer? You must be using the very best packages available and I'd like to use them as well."

Today I'm going to tell you the security products I use but I'm going to start by telling you they are not all that important.

That's because the main way I protect my PC is not with good security products but rather with good security practices.


If you want real computer security, you need to adopt safe computing practices. Like the rules of road safety we teach our kids, these practices are simple and well known. You can find them here: ... our-pc.php

So, apart from safe computing practices, how do I defend my PC?

Quite sparsely compared to some users.

On all my computers I always surf in a sandbox using Sandboxie and Firefox.


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