The Best ALL-In-One Protector on the Planet!

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The Best ALL-In-One Protector on the Planet!

Post by lilshortwun » Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:24 pm

Theres no need to buy expansive programs to protect yourself against unknown files when Sandboxie is all that you need. In this era where viruses and trojans are becoming increasingly undetected, it doesn't take much for a simple mistake to have your computer wiped clean of your important datas, malwares hogging up cpu, eatting up your internet and running DDOS attacks on a website, or having it being controlled by another person somewhere in this world. But Sandboxie has what it takes to stop all of those.

Ease of use:
I give it a 10. Installation was simple and running programs in the virtual space is pretty much the same. Also it is'nt a disk space hog or a cpu hog. It uses what it needs and gives it back when it don't.

Protection Level:
High. It protected my computer from a lot of viruses. One even managed to disable my taskmanager and start menu. But a simple reboot and deleting of the "Dirty" sandbox made it all go away.

Support Level:
Great community with plenty of help from the creator himself and other good members who dedicate their time to helping others solve their time. I like the fact that Tzuk takes the time to individually fix whatever problems people may have with his product. It is top notch.

Final note:
I just hope that your program will become something big one day and there is no doubt in my mind that you have helped a lot of people with this wonderful product of yours. You are appreciated and I thank you for making this wonderful product for all to use.

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