Eighteen Months with Sandboxie

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Eighteen Months with Sandboxie

Post by maurice » Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:25 am

It has just occurred to me that it would be appropriate to recognise the progress that Tzuk has made since I first played with sandboxie (ver 2.6) in Aug/Sept 2006.

At that time my diaries were full of descriptions of what I did to the Sandboxie.ini file to try to get downloaded files and my e-mail messages back into my main system. This also involved registry tweaks to redefine shell folders etc. etc. etc.

Now I just download the latest version, run the installation file - check that my browser and mail client are properly set up and away I go to the www in near perfect security.

Thanks Tzuk for a really valuable contribution to safe surfing.

Maurice Wheatley
Desktop - HPdv7 Dual Boot Win8 & Win7; 2 HDDs sharing common Work partition including My Documents, Favorites & WinLiveMail Store. Sandboxie on both with only WinDefender security. (SAS & MBAM as needed).

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