Upgrade Windows when you want to, with Sandboxie

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Upgrade Windows when you want to, with Sandboxie

Post by RonC » Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:52 pm

Users upgrade the operating system for two reasons: when they want to, in order to get added functionality (in the OS itself, or from new software) or because they have to for security reasons, when Microsoft stops issuing patches to protect the older system.

:!: Now we have Sandboxie, supporting the NT-family, from v5.0 through the 32-bit versions v6, or Vista.

For the first time in the history of Windows computing, users of these systems can determine when they want to (not when they have to) upgrade, whether to another Microsoft OS, or maybe to an entirely different distribution.

Assuming past experience with Sandboxie holds, if anyone is still using one of the supported NT-OSs when Microsoft "pulls the plug" on extended support, I can't see that anything will change overnight -- as long as one can continue to run Sandboxie.

:wink: I doubt that many (even Vista's early-adopters) will be running the same OS three years in the future (likely by then it will be Vienna/Windows 7, or ??) but it's nice to know that the change will now be at the user's option, and not as an emergency procedure because the current OS is about to be taken over by on-line exploits.

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