Sandboxie is a must for any web user! 9+ YEARS OF PROTECTION! Huge Thanks!

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Sandboxie is a must for any web user! 9+ YEARS OF PROTECTION! Huge Thanks!

Post by AlexOnly » Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:22 pm

A huge thanks to all you guys you develop Sandboxie! I started using Sandboxie since late 2008 and it has never let me down since! I first started using it as I was caught out by a virus which replicated an .EXE file in EVERY folder as I had an outdated anti virus which I should have updated! I have recovered all my files since but since then I looked for something, anything that would give me true protection while browsing the web.

It was then I found Sandboxie and what a program it is! I have used it DAILY since 2008 and used it through out and with all Mozilla Firefox's since then. It is fantastic for browsing the web when researching and for youngsters who click on just about anything visually interesting to them on the web without giving that link a second thought!

The BEST thing about Sandboxie is the superior protection and safety it offers and all within a intuitive and easy to use navigation options and menus. When browsing the web using Sandboxie I feel safe knowing that if I land on a malicious or harmful website I can simply with 2 clicks ERASE the entire session like it never happened and all without any lasting harmful changes to my operating system. How many anti virus or malware programs can do that?

I also like how I can use it to test new programs to see if I like them or to see whether they are harmful before I install them. All in the knowledge that I can delete it at will.

The power and utility of Sandboxie is immense! It is one of the only programs worth paying for! If it saves you once from a harmful malware infection which causes you physically remove a hard drive to clean it which has many important files on it, like I did, then its paid for itself and its money well spent! I wish I had it back then when I needed it but if I did I wouldnt be writing this now and learned many important lessons from it such as regular backups and a backup of that backup too!

I have used Sandboxie since 2008 and will continue using it well in to the future as it has saved me countless times. Only now are other program makers realising the true potential of Sandboxing and I believe Sandboxie is the pioneer of this technology.

Keep up the great and fantastic work guys and a HUGE thanks from me personally! You have saved countless people gigabyes of data loss and hours of long recovery procedures!
Sandboxie User Since 2008!

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