As below, using with a Ramdisk is ideal.

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As below, using with a Ramdisk is ideal.

Post by Coopsta » Fri Nov 30, 2007 5:19 am

This program has just changed how people are going to use my PC.

I've run them as Limited User Account's and all the faff of AV, AS, Autostart protection, Group Policy program restrictions etc all running and slowing their browsing/downloading down, and still managing to make a mess when I come to use it.

This combined with a Ramdisk for the sandbox works flawlessly so far (Only a day :D), even when their running as a LUA. I'm using RRamdisk, which is free, easy to use/install. Guidance here.

I'm still running AV/AS/Peerguardian/Spybot resident/MS Defender and group policy restrictions for the time being, but, when I'm confident enough I dont need AV/AS bloatware running and just sandbox everything well, you've got my money.

Excellent stuff.

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