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Great program

Post by Tony » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:08 pm

I just purchased your program, coming from me it is a real compliment.
Yours just was the answer to all my problems, being these:

-I have re-installed Windows XP at least 150 times, no lie, all
because I have INTERNET connected.
- I used Ghost and all backup programs to no avail, they all lack 1
thing, when your PC is polluted, you have to put the backup back,but
you have installed a 1000 things in the meantime you need, so your
backup is useless and you need the PC in 5 minutes for work or some
important printout.
- Being an embedded software specialist and a computer expert, when
you connect to the internet, you are vulnerable the moment you connect,
and a dummy waiting to be attacked, which happens, before using
Sandboxie I had a virus scanner, 2 anti spyware and anti-rootkit
scanner running and?? Still got 16 harmless infections even when
updating every 2 hours!!!.

So I concluded, the only way to keep your PC safe is NOT TO USE
INTERNET, like I advised my father, he does NOT need it and still his
PC works flawlessly after 1 year.

So thank you for your (registered) program, it allows me to use my PC
for at least 1 year without irritation of crashing and putting backups
back when I don't have the time.

You can use my e-mail to promote your product..thank you!


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