The PERFECT PC setup

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The PERFECT PC setup

Post by Albert_7 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:58 am

As a multiboot user, Sandboxie is a true lifesaver! Worrying about an antivirus is in the old days, today Sandboxie is an all-in-one solution for my privacy concerns.

I am using Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and switching between systems has never been easier. I have my browser (Chrome) installed in one sandbox, video player in a second, LibreOffice in a third, and all the games that I managed to install in their own sandbox.

The result - no matter which system I use, no matter if I play a game on one system, and then boot another one, I still have my savefiles when I start the game, or when I open my web browser - my bookmarks. Even if Windows becomes corrupted in some way and fails to boot, I still can boot another Windows system and use all my games and software, which haven't lost their settings and savefiles thanks to Sandboxie. And as a bonus - I don't need to install all my software on every system - everything I need to do is install Sandboxie on all systems and set the sandbox location to H:\Sandbox\%USER%\%SANDBOX%. That's it :D .

I hope I helped someone in creating this "setup" so they can enjoy it the way I do. My only advice - make sure that the sandbox is in a good place. If you place it on a USB device, and you lose that device - all your data will be lost. So use a hard disk and this will never happen.


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