My computer and sandboxie

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My computer and sandboxie

Post by Unknown_User_296 » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:36 pm

I use my computer to download software and try it out. (dont we all).
I have been using as protection Total Install 3 which works very well.
Now with Sandboxie I can download and try the software then If I want to keep it I put it through Total install 3 so I can uninstall it completely if I need to in the future and I know all of it is gone.

I tried sandboxie previously, but like most men, didnt read the instructions, hence I didnt realize all the benefits and now coming back and trying it again and reading the instructions I find that it is excellent and just what I need.

If your like me and try out software every day, get sandboxie, you will be glad you did. and it's nice to register it to help the developer continue to improve it.

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