A Practical Tribute

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A Practical Tribute

Post by yabbadoo » Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:31 am

I have used Sandboxie now for around 10 years with no trouble and with a threat free result. Over this time I have posted glowing tributes to this unique virtual concept in reasonable detail repatedly on several Forums. I have in fact been a shining ambassador for Sandboxie.

Sandboxie as you all know is the epitome of Internet protection. There is no current equivalent to a virtual environment for keeping the hackers and bugs away from infecting your PC. It is a stand-off in current computer protection.

None of the many posts I have written has generated a single criticism. In fact almost all of them have resulted in no comment at all, although the views have exceeded 200 in many cases. It appears that any criticism of what I have said about Sandboxie being a supreme protection program, has no logical, technical or practical argument.

I guess this speaks for itself. I only hope that all these viewers have gone straight to the Sandboxie site and downloaded the program. Dumped their old fashioned conventional AV`s with their constantly outdated data bases and futile updates, forever chasing their tails in trying to keep up with the continuous prolific activity of the bug perpetrators and hackers.

Only the other day There was a poster wimping about Norton letting him down several times and he may have been infected. I told him the answer.

So, With all my posts over many years on a number of Forums, Sandboxie has not found a single critic. THAT impeccable record speaks for itself.

I would add that most Forums have their usual allocation of members who are over-eager to jump on the slightest aspect of security topics that they can tear to pieces, but in the case of the unique attributes of Sandboxie, they appear to be speechless. They run out of fuel.

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