Sandboxie is a great Idea :)

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Sandboxie is a great Idea :)

Post by Unknown_User_274 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:49 pm

I am always on the look for new technologies and software to make your online experience more secure. I am working in a Network Security Company and its fun to see the increasing number of attempts to secure the Desktop user from "bad misstakes" and Viruses, Worms , Dialers and malicious code.
Sometimes it came accross my mind "What a nice thing would be a "Sandbox" for Windows . So the Kids, Housewifes and nosy people can surf without destroying my careful setup system ...
Then I read about SandboxIE in the PC World Magazin and was instantly thrilled ... secure browsing , secure software testing and more ... with an easy to set-up program ... I tried it out, saw the potential and instantly registered because ... I HAVE FOUND WHAT I WHERE LOOKING FOR for a long time ...
If you are unsure try SandboxIE and maybe you will see how usefull that tool is and maybe you consider registration. Pricing is more than fair and SandboxIE does not "spamvertise" you to death ... like some other products actually do :).

Keep up the good work Ronen :)

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