Using SandBoxIE over 5 years allready and its great

If you want to say something nice about Sandboxie
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Using SandBoxIE over 5 years allready and its great

Post by Xerye » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:57 pm


Im using SandBoxIE since over 5 years allready, it is an awesome pice of software.
I love it. Whenever I need to install some program temorary, I install it to the sandbox and remove it after there is no need for it anymore.
Nothing is kept on the real harddrive, no spam, nothing.

You did great as you released the multilanguage version of sandboxie and thanks for all the updates you made to keep it stable when windows tried to bugg it lol :)

After years of using sandboxie freeversion, I purchased the full version few weeks ago - as a little thanks for ur hard work :!: :!: :D

Have a nice day, greetings from Austria! :lol:

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