Sandboxie is special

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Sandboxie is special

Post by JohnEE » Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:01 am

Sandboxie needs a higher profile....

I have recently been plagued by DNS errors on my network - not uite sure only two of the machines in the house suffered,... though they are perhaps the ones I use most - and the others are running Mac or Linux.

However having cleaned them up - I have looked for this that and the other - stumbled on Sandboxie in a blog. Read about - found reviews... and without further ado - just bought it (it sounded terrific).

I have been giving it some gruelling tasks - one managed to lock up the browser screen (I assume that was a defensive moment - I closed it - ran all the various checks - and everything was squeaky clean.

Thank-you for such a great program.

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