Thank you Tzuk and every one in this forum

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Thank you Tzuk and every one in this forum

Post by shimbo » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:43 am

I would like to especially thank one man, one guy named Tzuk for his unbelievably cool program, but first of all for the updates that he is doing like a machine. So fast, so quick, so it makes us users feel as comfortable as we can imagine,
Thank you for this professional attitude and that' s the sign that you care

However without us users there would not be these updates possible, so I would like to thank you guys for these things happen and make Tzuk busy as hell :)

I am just a newbie here, am not as experienced as the others maybe, but from what I have experienced so far I can only be satisfied.
Keep up the great job

Happy New Year :wink:

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