best protection I've ever found on 64bit windows

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best protection I've ever found on 64bit windows

Post by blasev » Tue May 31, 2011 10:52 am

I use 64bit system, many security app has drawback on 64bit system.
And after reading this site faqs, I've my own doubt for sandboxie.
Since Sandboxie 64bit would have less protection compared to 32bit one

I even email tzuk about my concern about his willingness to improve 64bit
Nevertheless he never answer me directly, but he made something much better
Making sandboxie 64bit to be near perfect, and gives me all around protection that I could dream of.

For a start it will protect my browsing seasons, nothing ever got through from it. And I hope it will never will.
Testing new untrusted application is very easy and safe
Sometimes I install thing or two inside sandboxie, just to keep my pc tidy, clean, and safe.
And there are still limitless potential I shall continue to explore

Long live sandboxie, the first frontier mission on making 64bit environtment safer . Cheers

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