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Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:08 pm
by john Wick
I have found know problems using tor with sandbox. I am still using windows 10 pro build 10586
Just install security updates
here and there. Also, I use a veracrypt volume for my sandbox container need some feedback if anyone sees a problem I have not herd of anyone doing this. Vercrypt for windows does pipline encryption for people that work in the security I T world this subject should be simple. Pipline encryption is the best thing since sliced bread especially for windows 10. Its not perfect but if you play a video from the veracity volume it only releases segments to the video player and even when a volume is open unlike bit locker the files will not be indexed nor can the be seen sorta see unless you really make an effort. I use tor with sanboxie never had one problem. I have deleted everything Microsoft possible out of windows expect windows i removed I E, windows store completely that is a flea market and a cheap rip off and a security risk as well. Anyway I use a vpn as well.. so to say.. i launch tor sanboxed.. remeber the container and sandbox are stored in a vercrypt volume.. so the data jumps from the orginal into the box piplined.. while browsing anything downloaded pics.. even scrolling cookies.. are also encrypted on the fly while they are in the container. I have found with combining a vpn,SANBOXIE (awesome) and tor unless you crash something or dont have the resources to power this.. (encryption eats cpu and is hard on drives) i would go this route i use photo viewers blocking the internet and network traffic with sanboxie as well. Sanboxie makes a excellent safegaurd firewall being that alot of programs go out online and use telemtry now a days i would block internet connections on almost everything unless it is a online application. I use vlc with internet block and sanboxied. the goal is to isolate everything and not leave digital fingerprints and meta data everywhere.. this is not good. I believe in privacy I usually stick around in linux. Unfortunately the gaming is not there yet. Put it this way.. i only launch the programs outside of the box for updates only.... and most are always firewalled with sanboxie. I have checked this with wire shark and other forensic testing gear. I would not let bookmarks even jump out of the box.. they leave dates times etc.. In fact if not for sanboxie i would not be writing this articale i gave up on privacy. Chrome i loved once found out its also a privacy disaster.. mozilla firefox is your best bet but the combo of SANBOXIE,VERACRYPT,VPN,TOR IS GOING TO BE your best online defence from anything. run vlc boxed there are no thumnails left over metadata all over etc.. this is a great benifit of sanboxie.. Also check of the block network connections.. this prevents some network apps from cruzing around you pc and with browsers keeps it in the pipe. Keep it coming sanboxie!!

Re: Tor/veracrypt

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:44 pm
by Barb@Invincea
Hi john Wick ,

Can you please clarify what are you requesting?
If you are experiencing problems, please follow the forum guidelines so that we can assist you:

About TOR:

As for Veracrypt, here are some related threads:


Re: Tor/veracrypt

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:43 am
by john Wick
Actually I noticed that most of the software that your site listed with known issues actually can work really well. My question is directed to the developers "is there a problem with this config" maybe i am leaving cached fragments during the deletion of the box so when you relaunch your browser there may be a trace of the previous session. So i did get into some detail. I have worked I T for awhile now and have seen these mistakes however, i am unable to find any search results on a similar setup. I'm Just fishing for anyone who may have some knowledge on this configuration. The logic is sound. I did not write either one of the 3 packages. Also to share this configuration it maybe a excellent way to amplify the use of sandbox by adding a real time encryption container. I used a ram drive once for container - did some digging on this.. bad idea to use memory for anything of the sort.. there are passwords and mini dumps that can actually be used by an attacker there is search results of this. Also to complement to developers of sandbox. I have used it in many way's. It has become a security blanket.

So Thanx