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Keyboard hotkeys for music players

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:18 pm
by Andy8

I couldn't find an answer to this, so i hope it's a new question. I'm using spotify inside sandboxie and I have a little problem: I want to use hotkeys on my keyboard like play, next song, previous song and so on. If i click on spotify and then use the hotkey it's fine. But if I use another programm and I just wanna press pause without clicking on spotify it won't work. If I start spotify outside of sandboxie this works just fine. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Do I have to give the sandbox some rights to read keyboard inputs while running in the background? I didn't test it but I think this problem occurs with other music players too.

Thanks in advance for any advice!



Re: Keyboard hotkeys for music players

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:59 pm
by Barb@Invincea
Hello Andy8,

I tested Spotify outside Sandboxie. If Spotify is on focus and I hit ctrl + right --> It goes to the next song.
If I have focus on something else --> ctrl+ right does not trigger any action, so this seems to occur outside sandboxie as well.

Can you provide exact repro steps, and the following info?:


Re: Keyboard hotkeys for music players

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:23 am
by Noesis
Hi Guys,
Just chiming in here to clear up some possible confusion. I believe Andy8 is talking about dedicated multimedia keys, which aren't actually present on all keyboards and also often operate on a more system wide level than regular hotkeys, I could be wrong however and I guess you should confirm this Andy8 if it is the case.

Generally speaking, assuming Andy8 is talking about dedicated multimedia keys, and a running multimedia program reacts to these keys (not all do, but I think most do) you could have a few different multimedia programs running simultaneously and they would all react to the same key press, unlike regular hotkeys (like Barbs example) which actually should only work on a window when the window is active.

It is possible to emulate these special keys for keyboards that don't have them using things like AHK and other programs that can send fake keystrokes, but that possibly introduces an extra layer that might have to be allowed through sandboxie, for example I use StrokesPlus (a mouse gesture program) which needs the same permissions as StrokeIt (a different mouse gesture program, which sandboxie has an inbuilt config for) in order for it to function on sandboxed programs. Perhaps enabling SrokeIt's profile will help with this ? I have no idea if it actually will.