Microsoft edge on windows and android (soon)

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Microsoft edge on windows and android (soon)

Post by YXZ » Fri Oct 06, 2017 5:25 am


Hi all ,

It's been a long time since i explored alternatives to sandboxie since i started using it .

I now see that microsoft edge will be soon on android . That means it will work on a some sort of a sandboxed version.

Altough i understand edge runs on an a some sort of an isolated environment from day one on windows . Can anyone tell what is edge on windows worth

in means of security vs browsing in explorer chrome or firefox sandboxed in sandboxie .

I don't use edge on windows beacuse it doesnt support sandboxie and i realy dont have the nerves or the ability now to give it a true test .

I also hear that windows defender will have or is having now some sort of a visualization feature to use with apps including edge on windows. Does

someone has information on that ?

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