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Post by Syrinx » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:35 pm

Logged out I can see the thread for the new 5.19.1 beta but I can't see it while logged in or trying to respond :P Why oh why do you hate me??!!

It's almost as if you expected my unplanned drunken urge to strike and say how I installed 5.19.1 then my PC started talking to me and shortly afterward it took over the world. OMGZ the horror. Good call ~ props!

More seriously though, 5.19.1 was installed here on my live 7x64 and while it's only been a limited amount of time and only tried a few things so far, not a single (new) issue in sight thus far. Just WantedToGripe.

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Re: whuuut?

Post by Curt@invincea » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:30 pm

Stupid phpBB. I made triple-certain that I selected "copy permissions from..." when I created the new forum and it just won't do it correctly for some reason.

Please try again.

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