Happy (early) valentines SBIE

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Happy (early) valentines SBIE

Post by Syrinx » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:31 pm

I remember the first time I saw your GUI.
I thought for sure the program was made by a newbie.
You were so ugly and foul.
I felt like I should growl.
I hate your pizza icon.
It looks like it was drawn with a crayon.
You were so different.
I never thought you'd get my endorsement.
You were so confusing.
You, I did not think I would keep using.
How was I supposed to like you?
I really did devalue.
I almost threw you away.
Instead I gave you another day.
I started testing and hoping you would fail.
That way I could finally exhale.
I gave it everything I had.
Yet your protections were iron clad.
At first I was truly sad.
Then slowly I became glad.
I don't remember when I first began to feel love.
Maybe it happened once I realized you fit like a glove.
So many of the things I always wanted my security to be.
You are very nearly the perfect sentry.
When I look at you I still want to shriek.
But I love how much there is to tweak.
If you'll pardon my candor.
I hope Sophos doesn't put you in amber.
I want to see you next valentine.
Even if about you I love to whine.

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Re: Happy (early) valentines SBIE

Post by Mr.X » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:00 pm


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Re: Happy (early) valentines SBIE

Post by Barb@Invincea » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:08 am


Very nice Syrinx! Thank you very much for your support!


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Re: Happy (early) valentines SBIE

Post by chris@invincea » Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:50 am


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