SDelete 1.51 Need MD5/SHA1

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SDelete 1.51 Need MD5/SHA1

Post by SandinShoes » Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:26 pm

I was looking for a download of the 1.51 version of SDelete an found one on It's in one of the archives of the " ... 97443.aspx" site, here's the archived version " ... 97443.aspx".

Can someone who has 1.51 please post the MD5/SHA1 of the official SDelete 1.51 so that I can compare it with this file, I wanted to just be sure that I was getting the correct file. I've never used a site like so i wasn't sure if it was possible for the archived webpages to be altered any an not contain the original file.

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Re: SDelete 1.51 Need MD5/SHA1

Post by Guest10 » Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:28 pm

I think that I added a "SDelete Usage.txt" file to my archived copy of SDelete 1.51, so I can't give you a hash value to compare with your .zip file download.
You can compare hash values for the sdelete.exe file - from your download, and the one that I have from 2006:

Code: Select all

Filename          : sdelete.exe
MD5               : e7982d4f83cb999ef7b8bbcf9cc6e227
SHA1              : 187beea1ed4738cd3af648b6ee51d631fc059a71
CRC32             : 3234dc77
SHA-256           : 3b6b19c9bf757aea345f6571afd4a0891041c758cfa4cbde741a8a0ae9ba0146
SHA-512           : e3f800b80fd200300ef59747884695cd58bb242f73a253a4fc31ee635f602776f5d4f63905d4dddbeac11daa808c96e836451e4cc74863c235cc93de64803e78
SHA-384           : 251d9f6bbf7355446436a57978410ab736a8e55822d3c79752efbb883f44a3bcf4cbbb6df707ba29f61869a5e3778898
Full Path         : C:\Temp\sdelete.exe
Modified Time     : 11/1/2006 12:06:26 PM
Created Time      : 11/1/2006 12:06:26 PM
File Size         : 166,712
File Version      : 1.51
Product Version   : 1.51
Identical         : 
Extension         : exe
File Attributes   : A
Be sure to run sdelete.exe at least once in a command window, before you try using it in Sandboxie. There's a EULA that must be agreed to, or the program will hang when run from Sandboxie Control.
Or, add the EULA agreement manually, using a .reg file:

Code: Select all

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;This will add the acceptance of SDelete's End User
;License Agreement to your Registry.
;Rename this file to Accept_EULA.reg and then double-click it.


To remove the EULA:

Code: Select all

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;This will remove the acceptance of SDelete's End User
;License Agreement from your Registry.
;Rename this file to Remove_EULA_acceptance.reg and then double-click it.


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