Exclude sandboxed process from specific user accounts

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Exclude sandboxed process from specific user accounts

Post by is_m00nbl00d » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:30 am

As an example, I'll explain how I use my web browser in two different accounts.

In account A, which I use for general web browsing, I have a browser profile, which for this purpose I'll be calling Profile A. The path is %ProgramFiles%\Web Browser\Profile A. (There are other profiles, but not used in this account.)

This profile is being forced to run sandboxed in its own sandbox.

In account B, I have two web browser profiles that I use, one being Profile A and the other Profile B. Obviously, Profile A is the same in both accounts, except that user data is written to different paths, in each respective account, and each one with different settings.
I'd like to keep Profile A sandboxed for account A, but not for account B.

I know I can manually run it sandboxed, but it would be nice if it would be possible to predefine it in Sandboxie sandboxes settings. Unless, I've missed some setting, I don't believe such is possible?


1. Run application A sandboxed in account A
2. Do not run application A sandboxed in account B, etc

Thank you

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