Use containers for complete securing & sandboxing applications

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Use containers for complete securing & sandboxing applications

Post by bs12345 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:08 am

Hi, thanks for the great and easy product you provide, really nice allowing the user to see exactly the changes in the filesystem and what files are accessed by the programs.

I would suggest to use containers to provide complete program isolation and control over the changes and even network usage through the container ports. Sandboxie on containers may provide an interface for recovering files and exploring the network logs passed during usage. Each program or instance may run on a separate container.

Example container technologies in Windows:
• Hyper-V containers - Windows 10 pro supports hyper-v technology which is lightweight compared to VMs.
• Docker containers - Newer docker implementation for Windows uses native containers through Hyper-v. While Linux docker containers on windows are still using an underlying hyper-v VM to work. You could look at their implementation for reference.

Obviously many things should be considered, this is just a quick suggestion that I see may be more secure and isolated, opening possibilities for more features..

Thank you

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