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New Interface AND multiple sandboxie locations

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:55 am
by virtualizado
1) The reason why sandboxie is not 1 THOUSAND MORE TIMES POPULAR is because of the old windows 3.1 like interface.

I guess 98% of users are advanced windows users, because the concept, way to use and everything else is not noob friendly.
I did try to teach my mother and grandmothers to use for years in vain.
All of my noob friends were never able to understand and use it right too.
The homepage explanation of how it works is WORST THAN BAD for normal people to understand.
They are bot old, because they were made at a time where it aimed advanced users, and without many resources.
It is time for sandboxie interface and homepage to grow up.
Things nowadays are made for stupid people to easy understand how things work, why to use, and how to use.
It is time for a new introduction concept, animation, some cartoon showing the processes can SEE ALL COMPUTER but are ISOLATED TO SAVE OUTSIDE the clone world.

2) Multiple Sandboxie Locations - This is SIMPLE and could be made in 1 day by 1 programmer.
And is a MUST. Today, i run even STEAM GAMES inside sandboxie, and people have lots of drivers, or wants to run sandboxies in pendrives, sometimes in harddrive, and we must keep changing the sandboxies location.
Me, for example, i have a sandboxie folder in a huge drive for my games, have sandboxie folder in my SSD system drive, have sandboxie in my RAMDRIVE, and i can not run all at the same time, because i need to manually change the working folder.
For other people, that just want multiple locations, i bet is HARD for them to MANUALLY TYPE the sandboxie locations and change it.

PS: I also agree with someone that wrote in forum that you must have a SECURE WIPE function. There are thousands of open source codes for that, just copy and implement. Think about the user. Not me, but several users uses the SECURE BROWSER FEATURE in sandboxie and they want to ERASE TRACES TOO, there are not just people avoiding trojans.

Every software that becomes popular always EVOLVES INTERFACES to become modern and noob friendly.
Antivirus, advanced system care, all of them.
Sandboxie did stop in time.