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Ctrl+Shift to Run as Administrator, Requesting a Similar Hotkey to Run Sandboxed.

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:28 am
by Special
So most know of the little trick that by holding Ctrl+Shift while clicking on a shortcut (or in the Start Menu’s search box) starts it as Administrator, can we get a similar way to running things in a Sandbox too.

Bonus points if the Hotkey can be user defined, and maybe even a hotkey1 to run in SB#1 / hotkey2 to run in SB#2, etc. but that might be pushing things.

Personally unless I have rules for a given folder or program, I use the right click context menu to start things in Sandboxie, but my God is that menu polluted, and whats even worse is that the SB entry is right below the Run as Administrator, which is not something you want to miss click.