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Start/Run Access Changes

Post by RooJ » Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:39 pm

Apologies if this has been suggested before.

I'm not sure if new features are being developed at the moment or whether all focus is on compatibility but I'd like to see more options in the start/run access section of sandboxie. Currently I can allow all programs to run in the sandbox or specify particular programs with the rest being blocked. If feasible I'd Ideally like a tickbox or ini setting (default disabled) which allows me via a sandboxie prompt to choose whether a program can run as it attempts to execute.

The options would be something like:

• Allow all programs to run
• Allow only programs in the list to run
• Request permission before execution of any program not in the list

In this case I can maintain a list of programs which are allowed to run in my IE sandbox and anything not listed can't run without permission. It should be possible to suppress and autoblock execution requests for particular programs in particular sandboxes in the same way sandboxie messages can be hidden.

My reason's are that I often find myself having to open office applications, PDF's, zip files etc via IE. I don't want to allow all programs to run for security reasons but also don't want to maintain an ever increasing list of programs, many of which I'd rather didn't run in most situations.


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