Sandboxie & Windows 10, minor border annoyance

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Sandboxie & Windows 10, minor border annoyance

Post by kawaiiwolf » Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:27 pm

I know it's not terribly high on the list of priorities but I found a cosmetic bug when it comes to running things sandboxed, and a workaround, in windows 10.

To replicate, run a firefox installer within a freshly created sandbox on windows 10 (I'm using updates up until the 6th, not including the problematic sept 8th update that broke so many things). Notice that the border of the window at the top has extra padding that offsets the frame and make things not align correctly, visually, leaving a bit of weird space.

This can be fixed by changing the sandbox settings under Appearance NOT to show the indicator (#) or the yellow border around the window and relaunching firefox. The border CAN be re-activated while the program is running without duplicating this bug, but closing firefox and starting it anew with this option enabled will cause the visual bug once more.

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